The Project (english version)

A round the world trip about innovations on algae in a view of sustainable development


  • A quest of solutions for the future through a prospecting travel all over the world,
  • Interviews of ‘Algonauts’ – researchers, inventors, professionals – and realization of various support of  diffusion: documentary film, web site, thematic files, exchange with school during the journey.


The Algonauts’ Road, a project of scientific mediation intended for the general public :

  • based on a personal initiative, laureate of a Défi Jeune 18-30 ans grant (program ‘Envie d’Agir’ of the French Ministry of de Youth and Active Solidarity),
  • hosted by the cooperative Chrysalide (Fair economy),
  • with support and scientific valuation of French Research Institute (Universities, IFREMER, CEVA, …),
  • led in partnership with actors of international solidarity and co-development (Collectif Pêche et Développement, CICODES) and associations of scientific mediation (Cap vers la Nature, Marine Sciences for Society).

Where and when?

  • Itinerary determined according to “hot spot” of the phycological research,
  • A round the world trip across 17 countries from October 2010 to June 2011,
  • A Europe tour across 12 countries… as soon as possible!


  • For highlighting and attracting the attention of the general public and leadership on underexploited potentialities of algae,
  • For contributing to the determination of optimal strategies for the development of a sustainable aquaculture,
  • For participating to the sensibilization of the general public on current environmental issues.


According to the Greek mythology, Jason and Argonauts embarked in the ship Argo for their quest for the Golden Fleece. In 2010, a new quest starts for taking up the challenge of sustainable development! The Algonauts’ Road aims to go around the world in order to meet those – researchers, professionals, inventors – who make the most of their creativity and their energy for innovating and proposing solutions for future generations using algae as raw material!

Synonym of phycology (the scientific study of algae), the term algology became obsolete for this discipline and most of the time refered to the branch of medicine devoted to the treatment of the pain. The Algonauts’ Road is associated to another quest : the one of those who are suffering and searching solutions against the pain.

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